The Fugitive (1993)

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Title:The Fugitive
Director:Andrew Davis
Country: United States of America
Language: English
Runtime:130 min.
Genre:Adventure, Action, Thriller, Crime, Mystery

 Production Company:Warner Bros.


Wrongfully accused of murdering his wife, Richard Kimble escapes from the law in an attempt to find her killer and clear his name. Pursuing him is a team of U.S. marshals led by Deputy Samuel Gerard, a determined detective who will not rest until Richard is captured. As Richard leads the team through a series of intricate chases, he discovers the secrets behind his wife's death and struggles to expose the killer before it is too late.

Photo of Harrison Ford
Photo of Tommy Lee Jones
Photo of Sela Ward
Photo of Julianne Moore
Photo of Joe Pantoliano
Photo of Andreas Katsulas
Photo of Jeroen Krabbé
Photo of Daniel Roebuck
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Photo of Ron Dean
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Photo of Dick Cusack
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Photo of Andy Romano
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Photo of John Drummond
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Photo of Gene Barge
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Photo of Kirsten Nelson
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Photo of Kevin Mukherji
Photo of Sal Richards
Photo of John-Clay Scott

Name : Andrew Davis

As Directing / Director

Name : Jeb Stuart

As Writing / Screenplay

Name : David Twohy

As Writing / Screenplay

Name : Arnold Kopelson

As Production / Producer

Name : Keith Barish

As Production / Executive Producer

Name : Roy Huggins

As Production / Executive Producer

Name : James Newton Howard

As Sound / Original Music Composer

Name : Michael Chapman

As Camera / Director of Photography

Name : Amanda Mackey

As Production / Casting

Name : Cathy Sandrich

As Production / Casting

Name : John P. Mesa

As Camera / Camera Operator

Name : Stephen Joel Brown

As Production / Co-Producer

Name : Nana Greenwald

As Production / Co-Producer

Name : Peter Macgregor-Scott

As Production / Co-Producer

Name : J. Dennis Washington

As Art / Production Design

Name : Maher Ahmad

As Art / Art Direction

Name : Rick Gentz

As Art / Set Decoration

Name : Aggie Guerard Rodgers

As Costume & Make-Up / Costume Design

Name : James A. Dennett

As Production / Unit Production Manager

Name : Robert Grand

As Production / Unit Production Manager

Name : Linda Henrikson

As Costume & Make-Up / Costume Supervisor

Name : William Mesa

As Visual Effects / Visual Effects Supervisor

Name : Bob Putynkowski

As Editing / Color Timer

Name : Roy Huggins

As Writing / Characters

Name : David Twohy

As Writing / Story

Name : Dennis Virkler

As Editing / Editor

Name : Richard Nord

As Editing / Editor

Name : Dov Hoenig

As Editing / Editor

Name : Dean Goodhill

As Editing / Editor

Name : David Finfer

As Editing / Editor

Name : Don Brochu

As Editing / Editor

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